11/15/2011 10:21 am ET Updated Jan 15, 2012

The People Women Really Count On

Yes, we women count on our partners, our parents if we are lucky enough to still have them, and, of course, our friends.

But let's face it, there is another entirely different subgroup of people in our lives who can make or break our day. And, it's time to give them their full recognition.

So here goes in no particular order:

1. Our housekeepers. We rely on those dear people to tidy up after us and make our homes look presentable. Without them we might be revealed for the sloppy, overwhelmed, and frazzled group, that we have become.

2. Our personal trainers. They keep our aging bodies looking sinewy, ripped, and youthful. They'll be damned before letting our tight butts start to flatten and lose their youthful perkiness. As we all know a tight rear end can open a front door. A good trainer knows our bodies and doesn't let us get injured. For God's sake, mine held my hand crossing the street to run because he didn't want me playing in traffic.

3. Our facialists. We count on them to remove layers of dead skin and restore some radiance to our faces. And God forbid they cancel on us. That is always my worst nightmare the day before an appointment. And they compliment us. And, that is like the sweet sound of music to our ears.

4. Our hair colorists. They cover the gray that we would be horrified to reveal to those important in our lives unless of course you believe in aging naturally and gracefully. I, for one, am not a member of that club.

5. Our manicurists. They work so hard and sometimes thanklessly to keep our hands and feet looking flawless. God bless them for the long hours that they work, for being open on Sundays, and for remembering our names. They make me feel so good. When I arrive they all greet me in unison and make me feel oh-so-special.

6. Our gay male friends. They are like dear sweet brothers, minus the sibling rivalry, who tell us the truth about how we really look. They deserve a medal of honor. And my do they make us laugh.

7. Our yoga teachers. They convince us that we have the potential to focus on one thing at a time.This is quite an accomplishment for those of us who have hundreds of worries on our minds.

8. Our make-up artists. They can make us or break us when we have a public appearance. Did I leave anyone off this list? Please add those who you count on!