10/28/2014 03:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Ways to Give Back at Halloween

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2014-10-28-pumpkins.jpegOne does not normally associate October with charitable efforts. Halloween's holiday cousins, Thanksgiving and Christmas, usually take the spotlight in the do-good arena. But, Halloween is ready to do its part in the higher good category.

Here are ten ways to exercise your charitable bone this Halloween:

1. Bring your kids in on the fun and suggest bringing portions of trick or treat candy to kids in need or send the sweet treats to troops stationed abroad.

2. Carve pumpkins for those at your local seniors center.

3. Compile your old costumes and donate to a shelter or Boys & Girls Club.

4. Take the kids to trick-or-treat at a nearby children's hospital where they can give some company and sugary goodness to kids unable to get outdoors. Making Halloween cards is also an option in this regard.

5. Purchase your costume at Goodwill or the Salvation Army and proceeds from your purchase go towards job training and placement services to those needing a boost in the workforce.

6. Consider crafting your own costume from supplies already in your possession and use the money you would have spent on an expensive costume to send an anonymous gift card to someone you know could use the extra cash.

7. Select fair-trade candy to support companies who pay their workers fairly and offer healthy working conditions.

8. Host your own haunted house where admission is a can of food and donate to a food drive, or chose to attend a costume-oriented fundraiser in lieu of an expensive bar scene.

9. Consider grabbing your friends and joining one of the many costume marathons or walks dedicated to a variety of causes. October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and many of these rallies incorporate fun costumes.

10. Get the pooches involved and enter them in a canine costume contest. Many of these events are actually held in order to raise funds for animal efforts.

Halloween has always been a "spirited" time of year. Let your creativity lose and conjure your own ways to show your goblin's giving side.