05/29/2015 08:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Good Grief

Grief is weight - something you bear, a heaviness you learn to carry.  Grief is the weight of never.
- Ron Marasco -
Grief is something none of us can escape yet the topic is rarely discussed because there is no one way we all experience it. Knowing how difficult the subject is Ron Marasco, on the faculty of Loyola Marymount University, began teaching a course on grief and his book, Grief, grew out of his lectures and research.

Due to nature of the topic many grieving people feel alone in their pain and there exist no magic pills for relief and even time, although it has an effect, does not eliminate grief, at best it just may put it in perspective after a while.

As Ron states: Grief is what happens when all the drama ends Death is the dramatic event, grief the harder slog.
A while back I had a moving conversation with Ron about the topic and it proved to provide solace for many of my viewers. I now want to share it with all with the hope that it may comfort those in grief, those who know someone in grief, and eventually all of us, if we haven't already will experience grief.

Below is my entire conversation with Ron. Click on the image and share with all who may benefit. As Ron so eloquently states: Grief teaches you a lot about yourself.
Plus, airing this week on most of our PBS stations is my conversation with the beautiful actress Victoria Tennant about her gorgeous photo/biography Irina Baronova. Irina is Victoria's mom and the woman who brought ballet to America.
Enjoy them both and have a great week,