11/15/2014 02:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Overcoming Obstacles With Stacy Keach

This week, an encore performance and message worth repeating: Airing on most of our stations around the country, will be my conversation with distinguished actor Stacy Keach featuring his book: All in All.
My conversation with Stacy has a lot to do with overcoming obstacles. No one escapes facing detours but some seem more adept at overcoming them, while others appear to be overcome by them. Rather than see the positive side to the struggle of dealing with whatever gets in the way some become victims of their obstacles, and therein lays the problem.
There is no worse emotional state than the feeling of victimhood. The key is to avoid the victim mentality. Yes, way easier said than done, but it is the obstacle of obstacles that we must defend ourselves against.

So, what do you do if that should happen to you? First off, if I had the magic pill answer I'd write the book and retire. In fact, I believe there are probably a thousand such books on the topic and no one yet has found the universal answer.
I have found however a little trick that does work for me and I've been practicing it for some years now. Although not a magic pill, with time it does get easier and it also seems to lie at the root of all those who do overcome even the most severe of obstacles.
It is to view whatever is in your way as a blessing rather than a curse. As a positive challenge rather than a negative end. As a detour sign, not a stop sign. 
And if all else fails, feel free to wallow in misery, it just might be cathartic and help you anyway.