05/31/2016 03:35 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2017

Oh GOY, Here It Comes

Oh GOY - here it comes

My parents planted a seed when I was young that allowed me to live with the fear of failure. My childhood failures. The class I failed in college. A failed marriage, and eventually the failure to embrace myself. So I went to teach in South Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam and ended up asking myself, "if it's always about everyone else, what am I going to do about me"?

Upon my return, I introduced myself to the woman of my dreams, literally a dream, and lay my head down beside her, hoping I could hide out for a few more hours, days, or months, but it turned out to be three and a half years before I realized I had become addicted to taking care of her needs at the cost of living my truth.

My truth, her truth, others truth ... it all seemed so overwhelming to manage ... I was serving too many purposes, causes, intentions, perspectives and it started to look as though it was actually about me and what I could do for others; what I could bring to others; what I could be for others and although that looks good in front of an audience, it was still all about me.

Eventually, I heard one to many stories about why my dream girl couldn't be intimate: why it was her childhood to blame; why it was her parents not showing her how, why it was the bad relationships she had, why it was the hopelessness in even trying to make her life better ... and I just wanted to scream "get over your self" and stop retelling all those stories that justify the history that keeps you living in fear. Stop validating the lack of bravery you need to move into the life you say you want. Stop reading all those self-help books and find your truth, not someone else's.

Eventually I had to let go of my addiction to hiding behind my own insecurities by living within hers. I needed to get over myself in order to get on with my self and I started that process by writing down the inspirations for the transition into owning my truth.

Only someone who needs to get over their 'self ' writes a book entitled, Get Over Your Self, and just like everyone else, I need to live with my choices instead of inside of my reactions, but how do we actually do that? One page at a time.

I think you will like the one-a week process for this information, and a new page will be published from the book Get Over Your Self for you to digest ... but if you just have to have all 146 pages all at once, it is available by writing to: G O Y S e l f @