02/19/2013 05:13 pm ET Updated Apr 21, 2013

Plus-Size Socialism

As the Republican Party continues to harp on the socialist leanings of President Obama, maybe we need to turn our sights to other areas of socialist policies in this nation that no one openly talks about. Clothing, for example. I am a 34-inch waist man, with a 30 in. length when it comes to pants. I pay a specific price from the retail store, the same price as someone with a 44 inch waist and a 34 inch pant leg. The heavyset man pays exactly the same price as I pay, and yet a lot more material is used to make his pants. So, in essence, I help compensate for his extra fabric. Is this not Socialism? And someone thinner contributes even more and they hardly ever complain! Is this not unfair? A woman, whether she is a size zero or a size 16, pays the same for a cocktail dress.

The same equation pertains to shoes. Someone with a size 14 shoe pays the same as someone with a size nine shoe. That's a lot more leather being used by the big-footed person. More cow hide is used. And yet same price for the big or small-footed? Socialism? Absolutely.

People with bad eyesight are better for the economy than people who see well. They have to buy glasses, lens cleaners, contacts, eye solutions, and so many more items that contribute billions to our economy. People with good eyesight buy none of these things. They don't even buy books with large print, which costs extra. Therefore, they are a drain on the economy. They don't contribute at all and pay no sales tax into state coffers, yet they receive the same government services. Those who see well, these greedy people, live off the backs of those who wear glasses or contacts and don't contribute at all. While the nearsighted or farsighted or those with a stigmatism carry the load. This is Socialism at its most blatant. And President Obama just lets them get away with this. No wonder they voted for him... free gifts to the 20/20 people. You have to ask, when will people with perfect vision pay their fair share?