05/29/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Who's Really Responsible for Moscow Subway Bombings?

A horrific viciousness, the Moscow subway bombings. But surely the word "suspected" or "alleged" should be applied to the "two female bombers" being trumpeted through an Associate Press story on HuffPost and elsewhere. The source for this allegation is the head of the successor organization to the KGB -- who claims evidence to support this statement, but offers no further evidence yet.

Until we get this evidence, shouldn't we hold off? I mean, do Russian authorities have a history of dubious actions when it comes to the beleaguered Caucasus? Yes, I think so. Are the political undercurrents here enormous. Yes, I think so.

Interpol has offered to assist the Russian investigation. Let's see if the offer is accepted.

It may very well be that "black widow" Chechnyan terrorists are responsible (gee, ain't that term a cinematic winner). But how about a dose of "show me" first.

update: this piece just up at the Guardian, laying out the context & consequences: