07/14/2013 12:27 am ET Updated Sep 12, 2013

Where Brussels Locals Hang Out!

Right, you've arrived in Brussels. You've checked off the highlights recommended by guide books. Or maybe you've been before and you'd like to see a different side to Brussels. How about checking out the local side to Brussels?

Check out the tips from carefully selected locals at Spotted by Locals Brussels. You don't care too much for a statue of a little boy peeing all d.... day? How about a dog mimicking that: The Zinneke?

If you're in Belgium there are two things you need to try: the fries and the pancakes. We Fritland for the fries and La Maison des Crêpes for the pancakes.

For a glimpse of the major multicultural scene that Brussels is famous for, visit Matongé. Think melting pot of cultures, any culture you can think of. Staying in line with multiculturalism, check out the Portuguese cuisine at Queijinhos Doces, or the Turin kitchen at Piola Libri. Aperitifs daily, drinks & free food! If it's not food you're after, how about coffee from another country, Ethiopia at Aksum. And if you're not a coffee fan, local Nettah assures us you can also get delicious teas there.

If you want nothing fancy of foreign, how about just a sandwich at Therese et Dominique. Aw...what are we saying, it's not 'just' a sandwich, the ingredients aren't only local, but the locals do love it!

If you're interested in meeting other travelers, or finding out even more about the traveling scene in Brussels, visit Le Cercle des Voyageurs for just that!