11/23/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Republican Party Posts "Looking for Inspirational Black Guy to Run For President in 2012" Ad on Craigslist

In political news, the Republican Party has reportedly placed an advertisement on Craigslist which reads "looking for inspirational black guy to run for President in 2012." While on the surface it may seem like a desperate and even illegal method to recruit Presidential candidates, the Republican Party has been scrambling for ways to compete with their "unfortunately diverse" political rival.

Here is the original Craigslist ad (it can also be viewed at

We here at the Republican Party are looking for an inspirational black guy to run for president in 2012. The Republican Party has always been the party of the people, and apparently the people want a black president. Even though we have Michael Steele, who could potentially be a solid black guy for the job, we feel that his obsession with oreo cookies might be a distraction while he's in the Presidential spotlight. We are essentially looking for any black person - any black person at all - who is willing to risk their good name, and run for President in 2012 against Obama. Ideal candidates include ones with little-to-no jail time, a willingness to at least pretend like they've voted Republican in the past, and a knowledge of what politics are. But those are just ideal candidates, we'll really take any black guy.

Prominent Republican and former vice-president Dick Cheney claimed, "There is no way that we posted that advertisement. If anyone is familiar with the Republican Party, they would know that we would never attempt to put a youthful, black, inspirational, intelligent, or politically-interested candidate in office. I hope that all of this nonsense can be put to rest, so we can continue to search for our next laughable puppet candidate."

Despite Cheney's denial, anonymous campaign staffers admitted that Republicans have "aggressively pursued" other black people in prior elections. For instance, in 1996, Chicago Bulls player Scottie Pippen was offered a "lifetime of free haircuts," and most recently in 2000, the Republicans offered any Wayans brother their own sitcom in exchange for running on the Republican ticket. According to sources, however, the offer was pulled off the table after Keenen Ivory was the only Wayans brother to take them up on the offer.

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