06/25/2012 04:35 pm ET Updated Aug 25, 2012

Concert Whereabouts (Jun. 25 - Jun. 29)

Once again we approach a weekend during which those pesky boys from Vermont tear me away from my D.C. home in favor of a less than desirable vacation destination. While I'm in Wisconsin with Phish, Japandroids will be in D.C. This marks the second straight time I will miss a local stop from these Vancouver natives. Words can hardly sum up my despair. My Midwestern adventure also will keep me from seeing Beat Connection on Sunday. And, just in case you become concerned, I'll be moving across Scandinavia with Pearl Jam next week. Have a happy 4th, avoid the tourists, and try and stay cool.

Monday, June 25 -- Purling Hiss: Black Cat

Mike Polizze rips apart the ubiquitous. Rooted in a lo-fi garage sound that is difficult to escape these days, the music of Purling Hiss are the catchiest of those songs having been dissected, put back together again -- all with the volume turned way, way up.

Not Attending -- MMOTHS: DC9

As MMOTHS, Jack Colleran creates sonic dreamscapes so ominous and haunting that one could spend entire songs wondering if in fact it's a nightmare. Colleran exists somewhere in between the light and the dark. It might be limbo. It could be purgatory. Either way, it's all unstintingly beautiful.

Not Attending -- The Torches: Fort Reno

If the uncomfortably hot temperatures has not convinced you that summer is upon us, perhaps realizing that there's music once again at Fort Reno will get you to admit that we've got a few months of sweltering heat to go. I think it is safe to say that if you don't head over tonight, you won't get another opportunity to see banjo, oboe, harmonica, cello, fiddle on that stage again this season.

Tuesday, June 26 -- Los Campesinos!: Ottobar

Whether or not you too have missed the last few times this group has made the trip from Wales to DC, this one is worth the trip up 95. Just as they are seemingly incapable of not writing an irresistible pop anthem, I cannot cope with missing another Los Campesinos! show. And besides, Yellow Ostrich is opening!

Not Attending -- Still Flyin': Black Cat

Still Flyin' successfully manage to have a lot of people in their band, and not sound as though they're in a Polyphonic Spree cover band. That alone should earn them your respect. The multitude of members add a fresh feel to that otherwise exhausted indie-pop in the tropics sound.

Not Attending -- Fionna Apple: Warner Theater

Don't get me wrong, the new album is incredibly good. Had their not been this particular conflict, I would be there. You, however, will not be disappointed. Whether having had the time to get to know Fiona's latest works, the voice you hear eminating from the Warner stage will be perfectly familiar...

Wednesday, June 27 -- Exitmusic: Red Palace

With some regularity, I read a PR blurb of a band, and I acknowledge that I most certainly can't do any better:

Sometimes, listening to Exitmusic, it's hard to tell exactly whether the goosebumps you're getting are from the parts that are chillingly beautiful and melodic or the ones that are aching and guttural. Or further, the ones that are creepily sparse and disembodied.

For certain, however, is that this stop at the Red Palace is all part of a continuously steady rise to stardom.

America Hearts: Black Cat

The goal here is to see openers, The Mean Season before traversing across town. You may recall that I tend to sing their praises whenever I get the chance. Should you attend, I have no doubt that the subtle power of Cherie Laubert's vocals will get you to tell at least five friends of a particular D.C. band they must absolutely check out as soon as possible.

Thursday, June 28 -- The Head and the Heart: 9:30 Club

For the second time in a row, The Head and the Heart manage to sell out the 9:30 club with the quickness. At some point they'll have to put out another album, but ever since Sup Pop re-released their self-titled packed houses have hardly given them the motivation. Hell, I would likely be content with hearing "Rivers and Roads" over and over again.

Friday, June 29 -- Chuck Brown: Howard Theatre

Would have been a good one...