09/25/2012 12:01 pm ET Updated Nov 25, 2012

Concert Whereabouts (Sept. 24 - Sept. 30)

I'll be missing out on our wonderful area's musical events this weekend in favor of a Pearl Jam show benefiting the campaign of Senator Jon Tester (D-MT). Sincerest apologies to Crystal Castles, Crocodiles, David Byrne and St. Vincent -- Missoula calls. Hope you all forgive my absence. Especially you, St. Vincent. No really, Annie, apology accepted...? I'll be there next time. I swear!

Monday, September 24 -- Twin Shadow: Black Cat

George Lewis Jr. has capitalized on exploring the darkest parts of dance-infused pop music. A sold out crowd welcomes Twin Shadow's genre bending, and will most certainly be smart enough to be in the doors by the time Niki and the Dove begins the evening.

Tuesday, September 25 -- DIIV: Rock and Roll Hotel

Technically, this is a Wild Nothing show, but I need time to make it 20-something blocks to another show, so DIIV and BLONDS will have to do. Both acts are destined for bigger stages of their own in the near future, so those with alternate plans on Tuesday night, might want to also consider starting out at Rock and Roll Hotel.

Also Attending -- Laetitia Sadier: DC9

Sadier, of Sterelab fame, brings her forever bittersweet sound to D.C. on Tuesday night. The depths of her music seems to honest not to be true. She doesn't pull an audience in with just happiness or sadness, but a unique hybrid of both that is best described as real life.

Wednesday, September 26 -- Corin Tucker Band: Black Cat

Her Sleater-Kinney band mates may be playing bigger rooms without her, but Corin Tucker is fresh off the release of a strong new record. Some are calling it a return to form, as if she ever left the sound that made legions of fans fall in love with her attitude-laden voice in the first place.

Not Attending -- Frankie Rose: Rock and Roll Hotel

It's greener pastures night in D.C. as Frankie Rose was in just about every successful garage-pop band there is before striking out on her own. Similarly to her competition for attention on Wednesday, she too hasn't strayed far from the genre that originally catapulted her to indie stardom

Thursday, September 27 -- Beth Orton: Sixth and I Synagogue

Having missed Beth Orton the last time she came to town, this difficult decision was made slightly easier. It was never a no-brainer, but considering Sam Amidon is opening the show, the choice was just about made for me.

Not Attending -- Mark Kozelek: Howard Theatre

The last time Mark Kozelek came to town, the venue's ceilings were low, the sightlines were worse, the lighting was poor. I'm not saying that the Howard's brand new feel will do a disservice to Kozelek's autumnal perfect, but I tend to think it's in the realm of the possible.

Not Attending -- Saint Vitus: Black Cat

The Black Cat hosts a noisy metal showcase on Thursday night, which will approach hall of fame consideration by the time the headliners take the stage. If the legends at the top of the bill aren't enough to get you to this show, consider that Sourvein and Weedeater begin this absurdly wonderful evening.

Friday, September 28 -- Angus Stone: Rock and Roll Hotel

Continuing what appears to be the theme of the week, the male half of Angus and Julia Stone. Touring without his sister and singing partner, Angus seems a bit more forlorn than he otherwise would be. It's an accomplishment, given the duo's melancholic tendencies. But who wouldn't be a bit sadder without Julia by his or her side?