06/19/2013 03:07 pm ET Updated Aug 19, 2013

The Top 10 Excuses Heat Fans Gave to Try and Get Back into the Arena

I got such a kick out of watching so many Heat fans leave Tuesday night's Game 6 early. I got an even bigger kick out of watching them bang on the doors outside the arena after they realized their team was coming back.

They all had that mortified Arrested Development type of reaction: "I've made a huge mistake."

It was just so stereotypical fair-weather Miami-fan. I saw it as perfect poetic justice for those fans to see their team win from the outside when just seconds ago, they were inside as "witnesses" to LeBron James and Ray Allen breathing life back into their team with just over 20 seconds to go in the 4th.

With so many fans attempting to find a way back inside, here are my Top 10 Excuses Heat Fans Gave to Try and Get Back into American Airlines Arena.

10. "I accidentally left my child, 'Baby Birdman' inside of the Arena"

9. "You read the ticket wrong. It actually says 'MAY RE-ENTER at any time.'"

8. "I wanted to buy LeBron James a new headband from the team store since his went missing!"

7. I'm the real Jesus Shuttlesworth! That man inside is an impostor!

6. I'm the cute ESPN-plant that's supposed to be cheering behind Bill Simmons during the postgame show

5. "It was getting too white-hot in that building... I needed to cool off."

4. "I'm the post-game translator for Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich."

3. I'm actually trying to go to the lost-and-found. I found Dwayne Wade's knee in Lot A.

2. "I kinda thought traffic would be much worse."

1. I'm just going to own it... I'm an idiot for leaving.


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