02/17/2012 12:05 pm ET Updated Apr 18, 2012

Prepping for Fashion Week

Fashion week comes twice a year and can make or break a models career. Typically, models enter fashion week with little to no knowledge of what it takes to be a success. Do model agencies help? Of course! But, there's also the perspective of the casting director, designer, publicist, runway coach and more. The right insight can be invaluable to a model's fashion week success.

Each season, we're seeing new fashion week prep seminars pop up to help models prepare. Last season we saw IMG Models host casting director John Pfeifer and this season we saw New York Models host CFDA President Steven Kolb. Meanwhile, my own company, Modellounge, produces a similar event (for all models) each season that has included designers such as Prabal Gurung.

Are these seminars helpful??

This season, Model publicist Lorenzo Martone spoke to a room full of girls about the importance of being multi-talented and multi-layered, thus having interests that extend beyond modeling. Clearly, this makes a model more interesting, especially when you consider that they are often perceived as nothing more than a pretty face.

The modeling industry is about an aesthetic, but it's even more about the additional attributes that make you different and more interesting than the next girl. This reaffirms Lorenzo's point. That said, preparation goes beyond wearing the right make up or heels! Perfect your walk, find ways to become more interesting, maintain good health, seek advice from proven industry professionals and maintain a persistent effort. These seminars are a move in the right direction.

Hopefully, much of the preparation that models received in New York will carry over to London, Milan and Paris in the coming weeks.