02/04/2013 06:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Doc Waller on Creativity, Honesty and Getting Antigravity

Intrigued. I guess that is how you can describe how I felt after watching his TEDxAtlanta talk. Intrigued and inspired -- because I just can't seem to use one word that would describe it. No, let's go with these three: Intrigued, inspired and lifted. Because that is how I felt and always feel when I witness someone delivering any type of message or performance; while at the same time being vulnerable and naked for their audience. After all isn't that is the best way for an audience to receive the delivered message as it was intended? Well this is exactly what happened to me when I watched Doc Waller's TEDxAtlanta talk and whenever I read his work or watch his videos on his website.

Doc Waller is a performer, artist, writer and director whose career spans from dance to television and on to the stage. I had the opportunity to chat with Doc about him developing his antigravity and how we can find ours to keep us honest in our work.

When and how did you discover your antigravity?

Well, antigravity was something that I reached well before I could identify it (or label). I knew it was a part of my make up -- part of my core. However, strangely enough, the identity of it (the phrase) came to me on a morning run. A lot of my breakthroughs come to me while I'm running, actually. There's an Incubus song called "Antigravity (Summer Romance)" that I was listening to while running. As soon as the chorus played -- it all became clear to me. It was like a painter adding the colors to a blank canvas. My process, my frame of thinking had become illustrated.

What does your antigravity cause you to do when it comes to performing and creating?

That's a very good question, and I'm still trying to figure that out at the moment. I believe it puts me in a mental/emotional state where I can be very judgmental of myself. It allows me to hold a mirror up to myself and investigate my own idiosyncrasies -- to become comfortable with them. Antigravity allows me to step out of myself and allow the creative work (words, scripts, choreography, music) to be articulate cleanly through me.

Why is finding ones antigravity important for creatives/artist?

I think it's important because it will allow us to distinguish ourselves from other creatives/artists. It will allow us to find our own voice. I believe that originality is damn near impossible at this point. However, authenticity is still very possible -- and very much an obligation for creatives/artists, in my eyes.

Tell me about your book and some of your current projects that you are working on

The book is a smorgasbord of honesty. It's me speaking freely about what I feel every human being is faced with on a daily basis. It's blunt. It's considerate. It's necessary. It's a book that grows with us, and whose parts, separately, will affect us at different points in our lives/journeys. Most importantly, it's a book whose philosophy can be applied and embraced independently. Each reader will be able to take the book for what it's worth to them and pass on that inspiration in their individual way.

I'm starring in a fabulous production about the Tuskegee Airmen (FLY) at Theatrical Outfit. I'm developing an independent news/media network called Public Avenue which will probably take of later in 2013. I'm working on breathing life back into my web series talk show, "On Beauty with Doc Waller," and developing an amazing city-based lifestyle online network back in Auburn, Alabama.

Doc's ability to reach his antigravity allows us to "develop the antigravity needed to 'float' to what's next" in our lives. Here is Doc's TEDxAtlanta talk:

You can also connect with Doc Waller on the following sites; his website, twitter, and Facebook.