04/19/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Team USA Moms Score Olympic Sponsorships from Proctor and Gamble

There's a reason Olympic athletes mouth the words, "Thanks, Mom" into the cameras as they hold their medals aloft. Mothers spend countless hours waiting, watching, driving and cheering them on and they spend a small fortune on tournament fees, coaching, travel and sports equipment. Being the mom of an Olympic athlete is truly an Olympic-worthy effort, Bonnie McCarthy reports for

While U.S. Olympic sponsor, Procter & Gamble, may not be the first to recognize the unsung heroes behind the athletes, they are the first to award Team USA moms with their own Olympic sponsorships.

This walletpop writer explores the life of an Olympic mom and the costs involved in juggling the role of an athlete and parent. Also, get a glimpse of the ad campaign by Procter & Gamble. Check out the full article at