12/10/2014 03:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Capital B or Entre-Beauty

My entrepreneurial experience began as young child. Being from a dairy farm family, children were abundant and contributed to the success of the farm business. That was like having a job with no pay, an apprenticeship. But, of course, we were fed, clothed, lodged and loved.

The real entrepreneur training happened when we got an opportunity to pick cucumbers to raise our own money. Every summer, from about July through September, we picked cucumbers and got our own vouchers to take to the bank to save for our own spending.


Of course, we bought our school supplies and clothes with this money. I actually paid for my tuition for beauty school with that money. This was all the beginning of entrepreneurship for me.

Make the money; then spend the money. This is the way of starting from scratch in business.. This theory can also apply to one's health, well-being, and beauty. I'd like to call it entrepre-beauty.

Beauty now is so much based on capitalism; spending money in hopes of looking better. It often involves using credit, or borrowing money, opening a business, and hoping it all works.

HOPE can be a dangerous path in the area of business and well-being.

Let's look at how beauty can work in an entrepreneurial sense. May I suggest that you first plant some seeds; seeds of good thoughts, seeds of nutritious foods. Include a proper vitamin balance, movement, sunshine, and some well thought out beauty practices that are synergistic with a person's body and spirit.

Instead of doing your hair, how about being your hair? As you are growing your hair, your hair is symbolic of an evolution, or an unfolding of getting better, healthier, thicker, shinier, younger, and strong.

Capitalistically, you command the hair into place in one service. You look for an instant change, a quick fix. Instant gratification. In a Capitalist system, you have nothing one day, and the next day there is a business front.

Just like that. Costs a lot of money up front, but you can buy money and pay interest, and it just will cost you more. I remember the 80's when women would come with such damaged bad color, and I could spend a whole day correcting it with $600 plus price tags.

When you want instant results, it costs.

Another example is hair extensions, which are a very expensive remedy for thickening hair. Instant gratification can satisfy temporarily, but the future costs will be even more. For someone with fine hair, certain processes are going to stress the follicle, and the hair is eventually going to fall out.

Quick fixes are a lot like modern medicine...drugs with side effects.

So, you can operate this way, and a lot of people do. However, if you want to get back to how things truly begin and grow, go back to the farm. Your hair can be repaired and become what you truly would like it to be, though it takes time. In business, we call this get rich slow; in hair, we call it heal your hair naturally and organically according to nature.