02/12/2014 12:28 pm ET Updated Apr 13, 2014

Your Environment to Stress Relief

Being relaxed, peaceful and calm has much to do with the environment you reside.

ENVIRONMENT is the business you work at, the domain you live in, the place you play, the city, town or country you call home, your profession, your school or club membership. It is everywhere and now includes the people around you, the air you breathe, the sights you see, the clothes we wear, the culture of a region, even the bathtub you bathe in.

That environment you live in is you; you cannot help but have the energy of the environment get on you. You become the environment. If this is remotely honest, where are you? How is your environment pulling you? Are you allowing others to decide what you want to be just by being around them? Are you allowing a cultural drift of a city dictate how you need to earn a living or perhaps dress? Do you have the ultimate well-being and lifestyle you have dreamed of?

The unconscious pressure of an environment is pulsating every moment. This pulse is giving you your aliveness or your death. How you choose this environment is essential to your aliveness? How many of us have been born into this environment taking for granted that it is just the way it is. You can choose just what you want in an environment to create the energy you seek for your body, to be calm, relaxed, vital and with less stress.

The environment you can breathe "ah-h-h" in, is essential if you want to be more healthy, get less colds, sinus, or congestion. Perhaps you can not leave your city of residence because of the living you are making, but you can make a difference with your health if you just take it to the weekend to restore, rejuvenate and balance the stress of daily life. So get out of town, tune into nature this weekend, after all you are the president of your life.