03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Think Positive, Wacky Jackie. Think Positive.

Holy crap! Indiana State Representative Jackie Walorski is seriously being considered as a credible Republican candidate to challenge incumbent Congressman Joe Donnelly? Perhaps the RNC likes having fringe candidates running in that spot - like last election cycle's Tony Zirkle who spoke in favor of segregation and was the guest of honor at a neo-Nazi/white supremacist gathering to honor Adolph Hitler's birthday.

Apparently, Wacky Jackie thinks her nickname is a badge of honor.

Walorski says the way she has been criticized on blogs and Web sites that tend not to agree with her political views is an indication that some Democrats think she will run for Congress.

She mentioned the Huffington Post, where she once was denounced as "Wacky Jackie."

I'm sorry to burst Jackie's little bubble, but I call her "Wacky Jackie" in my posts because she's a whackjob conservative from the Glenn Beck mold. She's a teabagger conspiracy nut who files legislation to include fetuses as a protected class in hate crimes law. She was accused of financial ethical misconduct after trying to raise campaign cash from what she termed "statutory rape and sexual abuse of a 13-yr. old minor."

No, I don't call Jackie Walorski "Wacky Jackie" on the Huffington Post and Bilerico-Indiana because I think she's a credible candidate for Congress. I do it because "rabid far right wingnut with hair that reaches for Jesus" doesn't rhyme with "Jackie."