07/17/2010 02:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Weekly Reader: Hippies, Hockey & HIV

This week we had two great pieces of news to report: charges again Lt. Dan Choi for chaining himself to the White House fence were dismissed plus Argentina became the first Latin America country to legalize same-sex marriage. hippie.jpgWhat else were we blogging about? Check out these other great posts from this week:


NY Times: "Transgendered" People Who Don't Out Themselves Are Immoral Filed by: Dr. Jillian T. Weiss

Caster Semenya is competing internationally again Filed by: Alex Blaze


What married same-sex couples owe to hippie communes Filed by: Nancy Polikoff

Message heard: "The gAyTM is closed." So what now? Filed by: Joe Mirabella


Liars and thieves: caught in the act Filed by: Matt Comer

More About Trans Healthcare: Sex Reassignment Surgery: When Things Go Wrong Filed by: Amy Hunter


Working For More Acceptance In Hockey Filed by: Gloria Nieto

Beyond Gay Marriage: the mainstreaming of the Gay Marriage Movement Filed by: R Conrad


GetEqual: Attacking Friends & Ignoring Enemies Filed by: Bil Browning

The National HIV/AIDS Strategy: A Milestone in the History of the Epidemic Filed by: Dan O'Neill


Georgia GOP Candidate Is Against Gay Adoption, Just Because Filed by: Dana Rudolph

Republicans side with Islamic fundamentalists against gays Filed by: Joe Mirabella

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