Russ Feingold: My Hero

I have a new hero: Senator Russ Feingold.

He's the only Democrat in the Senate with balls. And he proved it by introducing a resolution to censure President Bush over his illegal NSA wiretapping.

Now, here's what I don't get. You expect those knee-jerk Republicans to line behind Bush and attack Feingold. But what happened to the Democrats?

Once he called for censuring President Bush, Democrats ran away from Feingold faster than cockroaches running away from Tom Delay.

Why? What are they afraid of?

This is not complicated. Did Bush break the law? Yes! Does he deserve censure? Yes! So do it!

Instead, Democrats gave all kinds of bogus reasons for abandoning Feingold.

Some said: We should have an investigation first. Ca ca! Surely, they must know: Republicans have said they will block any such investigation.

Others said: It sends the wrong message? Say what? Wrong message? What's wrong with telling the world we expect even the president to obey the law?

And still others said: Censuring the president for spying on Americans without a court order makes Democrats look too mean.

They've got it backwards. Refusing to hold Bush responsible, kissing Bush's ass, makes Democrats look too soft.

And, besides, Republicans impeached - not censured, remember: impeached! - Bill Clinton for a hell of a lot less.

Come on, Democrats. Stand up with Russ Feingold. Censure President Bush. Show some backbone. Please! Just this once!