10/17/2012 11:32 am ET Updated Dec 11, 2012

What I Learned from a Groom's Cake

I never used to care about the groom's cake. To me, it was yet another superfluous way for couples to spend money on something that I deemed somewhat pointless. That is, until three days ago when I witnessed the cutest, silliest presentation of a groom's cake that I have ever seen. And actually, it could have been a complete disaster if this were anybody other than my fabulously cool bride because when the cake was unveiled, it seriously looked like it was made for a 5th grader celebrating his 10th birthday. I mean, we asked for a Star Wars cake and never figured we'd get the Starship Enterprise as the focal point on the cake. (For those of you non-trekkies or Star Wars fanboys, the Starship Enterprise is from Star Trek, not Star Wars... A MAJOR faux pas!) Not to mention that it was a poor replica of the enterprise!

It all started two weeks before the wedding as the final guarantees for the event were rolling in. We discovered that we were a bit over our numbers for our cake design, and rather than have the bakery provide a sheet cake for the overage, my bride thought that "it was a sign" for her to present the groom with his own special cake as a way to prepare for the additional guests, and to do something special for her groom. She had been toying with the idea ever since the tasting, and now that there was actually a need for extra, why not have some fun? Plus, her fiancé had a weakness for carrot cake, and because "so many guests prefer a traditional flavored wedding cake" the bride vetoed his preference. So, we talked about the design, and the where, when and how to present it, and we came up with a pretty cool plan.

Bridey and I decided that it would be more meaningful if the cake were a private showing only. So we coordinated with the venue and had it placed in the bridal suite with the photographer in tow. And although this wedding went extremely well, there were a few behind the scenes issues (nothing new) that needed my attention, and frankly, I completely forgot the groom's cake until it was time to present it to the groom... Whoops!

When it was time for the big reveal, bridey and I peeled the groom away from the crowded dance floor and walked towards the suite. He was pretty curious as to where we were going, but I assured him that he was in for a sweet surprise. When we got to the suite, I rushed ahead so that I could open the doors (quite dramatically), and before I even had time to react to the failure of a cake waiting for us, I saw the bride's face. And I paused... Uh-oh... Was this going to be a disaster followed by a fit of crying and swearing or was it going to be something incredibly funny and hilarious? I swear, that five seconds felt like an hour.... And then the rumble of laughter began. The bride and groom were laughing so hard after seeing this awful cake that I seriously think bride might have peed a little in her dress! It was a great moment for the photographers, and certainly a memory that will keep them laughing throughout their marriage.

For me, the best part of this "presentation" is that it could have gone the other way. Although this bride was awesome, sometimes you never know what will set somebody off, and this awful cake faux pas might have thrown another lovely dressed in white over the edge. But instead, she chose to laugh it off and enjoy the humor in the moment. We all did... So brideys, take a cue from this bride and laugh when the little things go wrong at your wedding (because they will go wrong)... Trust me, it will be a much more pleasant memory.

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