06/16/2015 02:43 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2016

7-Step Formula for Success

Countless self-help books flirt and kiss but rarely go all the way. Perhaps because for the most part it's the commercial appearance of value with their pretty fonts, lively testimonials, and convoluted messages that escape even the greatest cryptographer. Indeed, when you decode the double-meanings and subtext magnification of those intellectual insights, you still inevitably come up short of something tangible and actionable. And that book joins the pile of similar treatises collecting dust.

We're all on the quest to solve one of life's greatest riddles - How do I get what I want?

As a starting point, it's critical to understand, or at least come to terms, that you are exactly where you are right now, in the physical, spiritual, and emotional realm, because of your thoughts. Put another way, your current state is the uncompromising and unyielding accumulation of all of your past thoughts - good and bad. It's a chain reaction, best explained like this: Thoughts become habits, habits become behavior, your behaviors manifest as your environment.

In addition to that Universal truth, the next concept required is to understand that a formula exists for everything.

What does that mean exactly? It means that everything in life - whether it is your current finances, sex life, business, relationship with spouse or kids, or your body fat - is governed by a formula. The present state of all things can be defined by a formula. This formula consists of specific "inputs" and the corresponding factor to those "inputs" is inextricably tied to your thoughts. Most people translate their "wants" into "goals." The problem with goal setting is that it's often too ambitious and lacks definition. The following process is a method to help you get what you want.

The following 'Formula Process' has seven steps:

(1) Objective - Name your goal.
(2) Definition - Provide detail.
(3) Formula - The answer, set of requirements or model (example).
(4) Reverse Engineer Formula - Discover the inputs.
(5) Action and Analysis - Activities in furtherance of that objective and measuring.
(6) Mapping - A mental process of connecting your actions with positive thinking.
(7) Visualize - A mental process of seeing and feeling yourself be successful.

An example we can all relate to, at least at some point in our life.

Show Me The Money

Scenario: You're working as a marketing executive making $70k per year with no promotion in sight and you need more money.

Step 1. Objective: More money

Step 2. Definition: An additional $10k per year

Step 3. Formula: Senior marketing position at another firm

Step 4. Reverse engineer ¬ Social networking and interviewing

Step 5. Action - Polish up resume, online presence, and establish interviewing schedule.
Analysis - You discover it takes an average of sending 25 resumes to generate one interview. You want at least two interviews a week. You believe you can land the new job on the tenth try. Therefore you need to send out at least 250 resumes over the next 5 weeks, go on ten interviews, and land that one job. That's the formula for getting that extra $10k a year in just over a month.

Step 6. Mapping - Call it karma, vibes, cosmos, the Holy Spirit, or just plain good energy. Whatever you call it, it does exist, and it will make a difference. It's just like oxygen; we can't see it but we know it exists. If you feel energetic and positive about doing what's necessary (Step 5), you're going to have more success. The Universe rewards persistence, so keep at it, and always maintain positive thoughts while executing the actions.

Step 7. Visualize - Unleash the ineffable power of your mind! Meditate on your future success daily by picturing yourself landing that new job or showing off your new beach bod. When you play these visuals, register those great feelings and anchor those to the required actions!

In my personal quest to turn The Game Trilogy into an international best seller (Step 1) I've been trying to find an agent or publisher. (Step 2) Though there are self-publishing miracles, I know my best chances are through an established agency. (Step 3) In trying to connect to these agencies for an introduction, I've encountered never-before-seen attitudes of aristocracy, which I've found both intriguing and exasperating. (Step 4) Regardless, I will continue to send out promos and emails and get reviews until one of them wakes up. (Step 5) I think about those who have read Wild Game and not-yet-released Wet Game, and have said "I know this will be a blockbuster." I picture myself going to book signings and movie premieres while I write the last book of the Game Trilogy (Step 7).

I will be successful, and so can you. Find your formula today and make it happen.