Why Sun Noodle's Product Means You Can Make Restaurant-Quality Ramen at Home

07/29/2014 01:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

When Sun Noodle came to the East coast, after crafting the finest ramen noodles for West coasters for decades, the company had one goal: to supply ramen chefs with the great noodles they were demanding for their flavorful soups and toppings. As ramen grew trendier and trendier in the United States (though the craze has nothing on Japan's affection for the stuff), restaurants keep on stepping up their game.


But where does that leave home cooks who want to make ramen as good as Ippudo's or Ivan? Actually, in surprisingly good shape because of one new step in the supply chain: Blue Apron.

Watch to see how Sun Ramen, together with Blue Apron, is bringing the best possible ramen noodles into home kitchens everywhere.