02/12/2014 02:08 pm ET Updated Apr 14, 2014

The 12 Weirdest, Most Surprising Places to Find Recipes

by Belle Cushing

These days, it can sometimes seem like everyone and his brother and his brother's favorite rapper has a cookbook, so it doesn't surprise us when non-chefs come out spouting their cooking how-tos. You may not realize it, but recipes are all around: You'll be cozied up reading a nice non-food-related biography, or popping in a DVD for a Saturday evening flick, and BOOM! A recipe. Where you least expected it. Where no recipe had been before (but will likely keep popping up from now on). Here are 12 recipes you just may come across somewhere you wouldn't expect.

The 12 Weirdest, Most Surprising Places to Find Recipes

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