04/11/2013 04:25 pm ET Updated Jun 12, 2013

The Iconic Sandwiches of the World, From Banh Mi to Zapiekanka

By Sam Dean, Bon Appétit

America is a land rich with iconic sandwiches, from the stately muffuletta of New Orleans to the delicate lobster roll of coastal Maine. But not all countries are as big, or as sandwich-happy, as ours, and many have their own iconic national sandwiches to contribute to the international sandwich community. So here, to top off this glorious Sandwich Week, are 28 of the world's iconic sandwiches, arranged in no particular order.

For a sandwich to make the cut, it had to be either endemic to its homeland or strongly identified (panini, for instance, are everywhere, but they're clearly Italian), and had to be made with bread, sliced in some manner. Pockets were avoided where possible, but for some parts of the world, bread pockets are the main form of food folder, making some exceptions inevitable. And before you speed-click through this and go to write some angry comments: falafel didn't make the list because it's hard to call it any one nation's "national sandwich," and it would be too contentious to even try.

Sandwiches of the World

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