08/18/2011 04:50 pm ET Updated Oct 18, 2011

Kim Kardashian: 10 Tips To Make Your Marriage Last Forever

Congrats, Kim, on marrying Kris Humphries. But remember, once your royal wedding is over, there's a real-life marriage starting -- off-camera, I hope. Here are the 10 Must Dos if you want it to last. Read this or else....

Now what are my credentials for dishing out this definitive Dos and Don'ts list for making your marriage a keeper? Well Kim, I've been married to my first husband Michael for 28 years, we have four kids and we're still talking.

Now follow these culled from experience Top 10 Tips For Making Your Marriage Last Forever!

#1) Spend As Much Time Together As Possible: You both have extremely busy lives and careers which necessitate that you both travel a lot. But you need to make extra efforts to take time to be together.

When it comes to a long-term relationship -- separations and distance do NOT make the heart grow fonder. Instead, they can make you become emotionally distant from each other.

When you have time together, you can share your thoughts, feelings and -- just as important -- experiences. And shared experiences are a real emotional binder for husbands and wives. When you experience too much away from your mate, you lose a key bond that brings you together. And the more intertwined your lives are, the closer you and your man will feel.

#2) Don't Let Your Family Tear You Apart! I repeat -- Do NOT Let Your Family Tear You Apart! I repeat this, Kim, because you are so close to your family -- which is wonderful -- but when you get married, your husband needs to come first.

You have a VERY strong mother, Kris Jenner, who is also your business manager AND you have two very nosy and outspoken sisters -- Khloe and Kourtney.

As much as you love them, you aren't married to them. And you are now starting your own family with Kris. If you don't make his feelings and needs your top priority -- along with your own -- your marriage will be doomed. Kris cannot be #2, or #3 on your priority list.

#3) Do Allow Each Other To Pursue Your Own Career & Personal Passions. Don't Hold Each Other Back!

Even if you spend a lot of time together, it's hugely important to support each others' ambitions and to help enable them. Neither you nor Kris will be happy in your relationship if you feel held back or suffocated because one of you won't let each other build their careers.

As a husband and wife, you should be each others top cheerleaders. Kim, be proud of Kris' basketball career and literally cheer him on at as many of his games as possible. Kris, appreciate that you have such an ambitious and hard-working wife and do walk the red carpet with her and yes, appear in her shows if you don't mind.

All of that, will give you more time and shared experiences together too!

#4) Do have kids! Kim, you've said you love being an aunt to baby Mason and you want to be a mom, so... DO IT!

You don't need to get pregnant on your wedding night, but if you want kids, don't wait for years.

There's the fertility issue. We all know now that a woman's fertility takes a dive after age 35, so if you want to have two or three kids, you can't wait TOO long to get started.

Plus, having children adds so much love and shared emotion to your marriage. Kids make you a family and Kim, you come from a big family so you're used to having all the busyness, warmth AND chaos that it brings. You'll love it!

#5) Share Your Money! Sure you have a pre-nup and you both make loads of dough. Kim, you probably make more than Kris. But so what!

While you are married -- hopefully forever -- have a very generous shared bank account. When you're married, what's yours and his should be both of yours. Unless Kris proves to be an irresponsible and proliferate spender, do NOT count pennies. Do NOT worry about what he buys -- his clothes, his cars, his hobbies. It's not like you're not enjoying spending money, too. Relax and share!

Kim -- I can tell you that for almost all of my marriage, I've been the major family breadwinner and have NEVER questioned what my husband spends money on. Apparently one of the biggest areas couples fight about is money and we've never fought once -- so take my advice.

#6) Turn The Film Recording Cameras Off & Have Private Downtime: You need time ALONE! Private time. No cameras. No mother. No sisters. Just you and Kris.

Time for you and Kris to talk, snuggle, have fun in bed, lie around, watch TV and even cook together. Every couple needs downtime together to just BE together, relaxing ... in sweats ... no makeup.

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