04/01/2011 01:21 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Is Killing Her Career All Over Again, Going Clubbing and Falling Down on the Sidewalk!

Lindsay must be nuts to think Hollywood directors will be impressed by her late night visits to dive bars!

After everything you've been through -- a stint in jail, 5 trips to rehab, and now a new trial for alleged necklace-stealing -- has absolutely NOTHING gotten through your stubborn head? Why don't you realize that if you EVER want a career as an actress again, you have to finally clean up your act for good! That means no more late night clubbing and no more falling down outside of clubs at 2:30 in the morning, like you did March 31st, outside of NYC's Motor City Bar.

Lindsay Lohan, you looked more than a little worse for wear after tumbling on the sidewalk outside of this divey Lower East Side haunt. According to a local bar owner, the Motor City Bar is known as a joint where " the only exit is a fall." In other words, even if you weren't by chance drinking there, virtually every other patron was!

Why would someone who says they are committed to their sobriety, like you claim to be, even put themselves at risk of falling off the wagon, by hanging out in the midst of heavy drinkers at a bar? Every addiction specialist, says this is a BIG no no ! And this isn't the first time you've been out clubbing recently. You've been doing a full tour of NYC bars and clubs in the past couple of weeks. You were spotted at NYC hotspots Riff Raff's and Top of the Standard on Mar. 1, according to Page Six , though club-goers said they only saw you clutching your trademark Red Bull those times.

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