02/25/2013 12:28 pm ET Updated Apr 27, 2013

Seth MacFarlane: His Disses Made Him a Great Oscar Host

Seth MacFarlane did it! We won't be grabbing our pitchforks and torches -- he turned the 85th Oscars into the best in years.

Seth MacFarlane sang about Kristen Stewart's boobs, slammed Rihanna and Chris Brown, and even joked about Abraham Lincoln's assassination. In other words, nothing was off limits for the Family Guy creator, 39.

Seth MacFarlane As Oscars Host: No Holds Barred

Seth -- thank you for taking no prisoners. You may have been totally offensive, joking that John Wilkes Boothe really got inside Abraham Lincoln's head.

And thanks to you, not being afraid to be offensive, but doing it multiple times, we now have our most entertaining Oscars in our memory.

It was full-on insanity that worked, when you had William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk drop in from the future to warn you about what a disastrous job you were doing as host.

Seth MacFarlane's Biggest Mistake Of The Night

Your biggest misstep, announced Kirk, was singing about stars with the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles. It was hilariously irreverent and then, while we were still reeling from you warbling about Naomi Watt's boobs, you were making out with Sally Field wearing a nun's habit, and then orchestrating a nutso sock puppet performance of Flight.

You called Ben Affleck a Kardashian sister with facial hair, asked the cast of Prometheus to explain "what the hell what was going on there," and mocked Hollywood for being so Jewish.

Then you insulted half the country by dissing all of womenkind for "their innate ability to never ever let anything go."

Jewish Hollywood wasn't your only religious target. When Daniel Radcliffe and Kristen Stewart came out to present, you said: "a boy wizard and female vampire, but together they're everything the Christian Right says is wrong with Hollywood."

Why The Family Guy Creator Worked As Oscars Host

You couldn't have carried it off if you hadn't been willing to poke major fun at yourself by saying that "you guys have made beautiful, inspirational movies... my movies have been urinated on in boxes outside of stores."

But that intensity started to get pulled back after you made fun of Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp, and went into basic hosting duties. Next year -- don't ever joke about how long the show is getting; it only makes us feel like we are getting tired.

When an Oscar show is as good as this one, it doesn't feel long.

Especially, when you close with singing, "Here's to losers and their fake smiles at the bar." You and Kristin Chenoweth executed a perfect ending. And you proved you could go host-to-host with veteran Billy Crystal and not be a loser.

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