09/27/2010 04:13 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sister Wives Polygamist Husband Kody Brown: Country's Biggest Con Man and Bad Dad!

Kody Brown, 'husband' of four dopey women and father of 13, and the star of TLC's new Sister Wives show, is such a cute, friendly huggy-bear of a man, you can absolutely see how he could convince self-esteem-less women to feel lucky to join his harem.

Kody, 42, looks and sounds like a totally "awesome" surfer dude, who uses the word "awesome" a lot, and he dispenses hugs so freely that I would get a hug if I were in his vicinity... even after writing this.

But no matter what his four wives -- three blondes and one brunette -- say, they are getting "screwed," both literally and figuratively. Kody gets to make the bed-rounds between his concubines (they have a schedule) so he can spread his body and sperm around. But come on -- conventional one-to-one husbands and wives, with kids, get barely enough time to talk, get intimate and bond.

How much real bonding can you get with a husband whose time you share with three other women? And what if your one-quarter man is "tired" on "your "night? And how can one man -- even as seemingly warm as Kody Brown -- truly love four different women equally? How can there be absolutely no jealousy, rivalry and drama among these women? It's just not possible -- honestly, it goes against human nature. Or should I say, female nature. Any woman out there want to disagree?

The only way that his four wives -- Meri, 39, Janelle, 40, Christine, 37, and Robyn, 31 -- can possibly stand it, though they don't admit it on the show and no doubt don't even admit it to themselves, is that they don't think they're "worthy" of having a loving, devoted husband all to themselves.

Inside, they must feel like total zeros. That's why they're grateful to have, at best, a 25-percent-partner.

For more on why Kody is a con man click here!

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