02/16/2012 07:18 am ET Updated Aug 10, 2012

The 12 Most Memorable Hotel Pools In The World (PHOTOS)

Any traveling parent will tell you that one of the best perks of a hotel when you've got kids in tow is a hotel pool -- but most of us never outgrow the glee of finding out our hotel has a great pool, especially if it comes with amenities we don't get at the gym pool back home.

The pools featured here are all beyond spectacular: There are private resort pools, rooftop pools with killer views and pools at luxury hotels that will make you feel like a movie star. Take a mental break from whatever you're doing to peruse the gorgeous pictures of these 12 amazing hotel pools.

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Photos provided by the individual hotel properties, except: 1 - Sri Lanka by Adam Brill; 2 - Singapore by green_kermit; 11 - Nemo 33 by Eric Burgers; 12 - Sheraton Waikiki by wallyg