11/24/2011 09:18 am ET Updated Jan 24, 2012

9 Of Europe's Most Beautiful Drives (PHOTOS)

While many of Europe's most alluring spots can be reached by train, others require you to hit the highway and (sometimes literally) take the road less traveled in order to fully appreciate them. With the freedom to explore as you wish, you can see where the road takes you and stop whenever the urge strikes. There's a reason road trips are romanticized; sometimes there's no greater feeling than rolling the windows down, turning the music up and watching the landscape fly by from the driver's seat.

From curvy roads that cling to the coast to high mountain passes to rambling country roads, there's a scenic drive on the Continent for just about every taste. If you're ready to hit the road on your next trip, check out some of these, the most beautiful roads in Europe.

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