02/14/2012 07:34 am ET Updated Apr 15, 2012

10 Destinations For The Broken-Hearted (PHOTOS)

If you've just gone through a break-up, reading about romantic getaways can be tough at any time of year -- but there's nothing quite like the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day to make the newly-single feel like they're the only ones not currently in a relationship. Not everyone thinks that travel is the best cure for a broken heart, but you don't have to be a travel junkie to see how a change of scenery can help you get past the worst stages of grief.

Some destinations are super-romantic and may not be ideal options if you're nursing a broken heart, but others seem tailor-made to help you get over your ex. Even in some quintessentially romantic places it's possible to immerse yourself in your new surroundings by participating in a special retreat or hands-on activity.

Here are 10 destinations for the broken-hearted, where you can re-launch the next phase of your life or just find the space you need to curse your ex cry in private.

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