12/19/2012 08:39 am ET Updated Feb 18, 2013

Shangri-Las Vegas: 3 Rules To Break When Decorating Your Home

Brad and Kimberly Friedmutter

The world is full of rules, but many of the old-fashioned interior design "rules" no longer apply today. In order to create the emotional response you want for the rooms in your home, you're going to have to break some of the rules! How wonderfully bold to break tradition (along with a few home interior rules) turning your home from drab to fab!

1) Height Rule Breaker: Though people often covet high ceilings, you can actually create a feeling of warmth inside a room by filling it with items that lower the ceiling. Fill your space with over-sized furnishings if you want to feel safe and cozy. A great example of this philosophy is our guest room at Shangri-Las Vegas, where we've placed two over-sized outdoor umbrellas inside of the room in order to create a cloistered cabana vibe. The over-sized giraffes in our kitchen also create a similar effect. Emotional response: safety, warmth and memories.

2) Color Rule Breaker: Don't believe that light-colored walls make rooms look bigger. If you want to create drama, go dark! In order to get that "wow" response, use a dark chocolate or warm mocha color for your walls. Throw a dark rug on the floor to accentuate the drama, then mix with your existing furniture. Nothing says drama like a dark room selectively lit with lamps, sconces and candlelight. Emotional response: drama and intrigue.

3) Space Rule Breaker: If you have a small space that sits empty, fill it! Small spaces (especially corners) can be brimming with items to cozy it up! In a tight corner, place a plant (real or silk), a chaise with ottoman, a small side table, twinkle lights, an inexpensive self-contained fountain, some books and your favorite goddess statue or buddha. If you have an empty wall, place a tall armoir with shelves (as opposed to doors) in that tight space. It will actually feel as though you have more usable space and when your favorite items are placed on the shelves, you'll have all your most important trinkets and photo frames to enjoy. It's the more the merrier when creatively amplifying small spaces. Emotional response: secret indoor garden hideaway.

Shangri-Las Vegas

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