12/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The John McCain I Used to Know.

It makes me sad that John McCain is following the lead of the rabid right and King Coal by attacking an interview on global warming Barack Obama gave last January. McCain was once an honorable man.

I agree with the John McCain of 2000 who said that 'in a perfect world, we would like to transition away from coal entirely.'

I agree with the John McCain of 2005 who called for 'sacrifice' in order to solve global warming and said, 'When we talk about jobs, these Draconian estimates of lost jobs that they have hired some think tank to come up with, what about the jobs and the economic effect on the United States of America that is already taking place when we have four hurricanes in one season in Florida; when we have greater and more extreme climatic effects generated by greenhouse gas emissions?'

I agree with the John McCain of May who said his mandatory cap and trade program will give coal companies 'an incentive to reduce carbon emissions' by sending a market 'signal.'

I agree with the John McCain of September who said that new coal plants would 'increase greenhouse gas emissions dramatically.'

I disagree with the John McCain of today, who calls himself a 'coal booster' and attacks Obama for sounding like the old John McCain.

I wonder why John McCain now sounds like someone who's willing to sacrifice this planet in order to win an election.