09/23/2013 11:22 am ET Updated Nov 23, 2013

These 5 Apps Improve Grammar and Composition

Ah, grammar and writing! Impossible for most to master, this subject will be key throughout your child's life. Being skilled at writing and knowing grammar rules as they apply helps bolster essays (particularly on standardized tests!). As well, an eloquently worded argument can be so much more convincing. These five apps, some for younger and others older students, tackle grammar & composition.

Grammaropolis - Complete Edition $12.99

Grammaropolis is so comprehensive in its teaching of the parts of speech! Each part of speech has it's own character, like Nelson Noun, so younger students can understand the function of each part of speech when they see them in action. Grammaropolis focuses on the parts of speech by placing each part of speech into its own "town." Students work their way through a map of the town coming across different activities for instruction and assessment. Quizzes are placed along the way in each town, and there are a number of additional quizzes available for continued practice and assessment.

iWriteWords (Handwriting Game) $2.99

The friendly and easy interface, customization features, bright colors and graphics males this award-winning app very lovable. iWriteWords teaches letter and number formations as well as words. Students follow the marked path, tracing the letters on the screen. Cute graphics pop up once students complete writing out the words. When a level is completed in letter or number formation, children can play back the writing they did with a video play button.

A+ Writing Prompts $4.99

A+ Writing Prompts is a fantastic way to create and complete interactive writing assignments. This pricier version is chock full of prompt packs and generators grouped in five categories: Sketches, Scenes, Texts, Words, and News. There is unlimited potential for generating random and effective writing prompts (the developer boasts more than 1 billion), so educators and students will get far more than their money's worth out of the app.

Grammar App HD by Tap To Learn 99 cents

Good grammar is a cornerstone of good writing; this app makes it possible. With 200 tutorials, practice exercises, and grammar games, this app is a great tool for reviewing concepts and making grammar practice enjoyable. This app covers all kinds of grammar topics, from parts of speech to passive voice and everything in between! You can watch tutorials, complete practice exercises, and play grammar games. You get immediate feedback on your progress and can learn a ton quickly and easily.

SAT Writing - powered by Brainscape $4.99

This app is the perfect tool for any high school student who wants to do well in the SAT writing section. With process training, strategy advice, and direct instruction, this app is sure to help improve scores on the SAT Writing section. This app uses flashcards, strategy tips, sample questions, help with paragraph structures, and other tricks and tools to help improve your score. There is even a scientifically proven algorithm behind this app to ensure that its flashcards are as helpful as possible!

Educational apps in this article were curated by appoLearning Experts Megan Samarin, Julene Reed, Stephen Danos, and Amy Estes.