02/26/2015 03:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Laurel and Wolf Makeover: GlamSquad Edition!

We all need a makeover now and then. Which brings us to GlamSquad, a fabulous salon in Los Angeles. Check out how Laurel and Wolf designer Lucinda Pace transformed their new space!


Laurel & Wolf: You completely transformed this space - it looks like a different salon! You basically started from scratch with this location, was that a challenge?

Lucinda Pace: The budget for GlamSquad was a total of $5k for both spaces. Luckily GlamSquad already had the salon chairs, but it was still a challenge to completely outfit the salon for under $5k!


L & W: Where did your inspiration come from for the space? Because this is a functioning salon, did that change your idea of what to do with the interior design?

LP: I based my initial design on the GlamSquad logo and the idea behind their company, on-the-go beauty. It was very full glitz with silver foiled wallpaper and lush drapery in their signature coral tone.  After meeting with Erik (GlamSquad's lead hair stylist and educator) and learning more about the day-to-day operations that would be taking place in the salons, I realized how much my design needed to shift from mega-glam to glam-functional. Since both of these spaces are used for educating stylists and makeup artists, the functionality needed to come first. Overall, the concept changed a great deal.  We went with a more transitional look but I think we still managed to make it glamorous.

L&W: The location is awesome, with some great natural lighting, but it looks small! How did you get the most out of the square footage?

LP: The larger salon space needed four hair stations, two shampoo bowls and two makeup stations, in addition to storage for product which needed to comply with Los Angeles County Health and Safety Regulations. The smaller space would serve as more of an office, needing two desk areas and tall storage for boxes and the folding director's chairs.  With limited space in both salons, I knew we needed to go vertical with all of the storage and the larger salon would have to incorporate the makeup areas in the center without obstructing the fantastic view of Sunset Blvd.

L&W: The final design is amazing -- so many cute details! What was your favorite part of this design?

LP: My favorite detail about the space is probably the gray lacquer we were able to incorporate on the storage doors. Lacquer is always a great design element.

Amazing work, Lucinda! What do you think of this extreme salon makeover? Tell us in the comments below!

xoxo, Laurel & Wolf

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