08/02/2013 03:46 pm ET Updated Oct 02, 2013

Lollapalooza: Your Ultimate Chi-Town Grub Guide

Lollapalooza, the jam-packed Chicago music festival will soon be upon us, and we over at whatsGOOD are stoked for a weekend of live music in the heart of Chi-Town. The three-day long event is enough to challenge the limits of even the most seasoned festival-goers, and between rocking out and partying all day, we know a solid hangover breakfast or late-night snack is key to rallying for another day.

We took on the challenge of figuring out your food, so all you have to focus on is getting your groove on. We scoured our database of 417,000 restaurants and filtered through 31,000,000 dishes to round up the best grub in the area worth checking out.

Chicago Pizza -- Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

First and foremost, you're in Chicago. You gotta get your hands on some deep dish pizza. While there is some controversy over who dishes up the best slice, Lou Malnati's is our pick. Their sausage pizza on a thick, buttery crust is unlike pizza you'll get in any other city. They'll also be serving at the festival, for those of you who want to experience this delicacy on the go. If you want to decide for yourself which pie reigns supreme, check out Gino's East and Giordano's and let us know which one you think is best.

Late Night -- Miller's Pub

If for some ungodly reason (possibly substance-related) you're still feeling pumped long after the Nine Inch Nails are done, head over to Miller's Pub for some late-night drinks and munchies to help you wind down. Open til 4am and serving up grub until 2, this joint will surely be full of fellow festival-goers trying to continue the party late into the night. An impressive craft beer selection and some killer ribs might have something to do with it, too.

Hangover Breakfast -- The Bongo Room

Let's be honest--you haven't heard of any of the bands playing before 3pm, and while you're down to check out some new music, you're also STARVING. And probably hungover. Enter The Bongo Room, a hip and quirky spot with some of the best brunch around. We're not gonna lie, you may have to wait a bit for a table, but come on...Banana Heath Bar Pancakes? Chocolate Bread French Toast? It's totally worth it. For something more savory try the Croissant Breakfast Sandwich.

Fuel Up at the Venue - Grahamwich

You can thank Graham Elliot for the above-average food selections at Lollapalooza. Not only does he curate the restaurants and vendors serving in Chow Town, but he also brings one of the most legendary specialties to the festival himself. Behold, the Lobster Dog--combining two of our favorite summertime dishes, this bad boy is part corn dog, part lobster rolls (can you hear the chorus of angels?). It's portable, gourmet, and a little bit down and dirty. Don't question it.

Fast and Cheap - Max's Takeout

So you know Chicago has great pizza, but us non-natives were surprised to learn they even have their own signature style of hot dogs, complete with peppers and celery salt. For a frank on the go, hit up Max's Take Out, where you can order online (without even having to leave the stage) and your food could be ready in 20 minutes! The double cheeseburger and Italian beef are other popular choices. Located right outside the park, it's a solid choice on your way in or out of the festival for some quick sustenance.

Vegan/Vegetarian - Native Foods Café

We get it, you herbivores need options too. And you gluten-avoiders. Whatever your dietary needs or restrictions, Native Foods Café is here to help. From the Chicken Run Ranch Burger (meatless, of course) to the sweet potato fries, and their signature and ever-popular Lavender Lemonade, this grub will fill you up and keep you going while you're running from stage to stage. You can even bring your meat-eating friends along--they'll never know the difference.

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Cheat Sheet
Chicago Pizza - Lou Malnati's Pizzeria
• Sausage Pizza

Late Night - Miller's Pub
• Ribs
• Beer on Draft- Weihenstephaner or Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

Hangover Breakfast - The Bongo Room
• Banana Heath Bar Pancakes
• Chocolate Bread French Toast
• Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

Fuel Up at the Venue - Grahamwich
• Lobster Dog

Fast and Cheap - Max's Take Out
• Hot Dog with Peppers and Celery Salt
• Italian Beef
• Double Cheeseburger

Vegan/Vegetarian - Native Foods Café
• Chicken Run Ranch Burger
• Sweet Potato Fries
• Lavender Lemonade