03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Soulless Social Media Words

Lately I can’t seem to read a blog post that doesn’t involve any of the following words and phrases.

These words are a menace. One worse than banner ads were in the late 90’s and swine flu is today. I will not read any post that excessively or egregiously uses the following:


“Attention Economy”


"Thought leaders"



"Engage" (also: Engaged and Engagement)


“Tweet” (or any derivative of it).

“Social Media” (it’s social publishing!)


“Dialogue ”


“Trust Economy”



“Personal Branding”

“Real-time web”


“Web 2.0″ (or the looming Web 3.0. Actually, anything followed by 2.0)

All of these are empty, meaningless drivel that started out well and were quickly fucked into the ground by people looking to make money.

Hellfire is not hot enough or sufficient enough to punish the people who want us to choke down this mind rotting bullshit.

Things I Rather Do Than Read These Words Again


-Sleep with Tila Tequila

-Donate both kidneys

-Listen to Carlos Mencia do stand-up

-Work at Fox News

-Stab myself with a spork

-Get a Boston Red Sox tattoo on my face.

-Read Gawker

-Wrestle a polar bear

-Fight a shark

-Spring Bernie Madoff from jail

-Watch “Catwoman”