07/30/2007 03:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

CNN Fills The Woman's Chair With Campbell Brown

One woman out, another woman in, Paula Zahn out, Campbell Brown in. The
chair at CNN has been filled.

Why is it that of the major cable hosts they
are all almost white, almost all male, almost
all either Republicans, Republican shills, or
Washington insiders who repeat Republican
talking points?

Heaven forbid, if a major cable network would actually have two women in
the lineup at the same time!!

Today we have Nancy Grace (no comment),
Greta, and whichever woman CNN chooses
at a given time.

Which gender has the majority of Americans?
A majority of voters? A majority of consumers?

If women get the bad end, imagine how African
Americans and hispanics feel?

African Americans have nothing among the
major hosts, and had to put up with Imus
for years. Hispanics have nothing among
the major hosts, and have to put up being
being the unflattering backgound picture
of immigration stories.

What an outrage.

It is about time we open up the country club
of cable television hosts to the real America.

How about a show hosted by Stephanie Miller
or Randi Rhodes? They are far more funny,
serious and entertaining and would bring a
far larger audience, and better demographics, than some deadwood now
wasting bandwith.

There are others, a subject I have written
about before, and will return to soon.

For now, lets agree that cable television
hosting shouldn't be a choice between modern
segregation and new day tokenism.