01/06/2008 01:33 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Fox News Should Ban Giuliani From Debates, and Include Ron Paul

By any standards of participation in debates, Fox News should take Rudy
Giuliani out, and put Ron Paul in.

There are two obvious standards for inclusion
versus exclusion in debate, first the number of
real voters in a real state vote, and second the amount of real money
donated by real people
to the campaigns.

In Iowa, the only real state that has voted so
far, Ron Paul kicked Rudy's butt in the voting.
In campaign fundraising, Ron Paul appears set
to kick Rudy's butt again.

In my view, Rudy, Ron Paul and Kucinich
should all be included. But if Fox News
insists on playing the censor of democracy,
Paul should be in, Rudy should be out.

Otherwise, Fox should be forced to declare
the expense of their debates to the FEC as
campaign contributions.

If Giuliani ever does better in a primary or caucus than he did in Iowa,
he could then be brought back into the debates.

Fair enough?