07/11/2011 02:28 pm ET Updated Sep 10, 2011

March on Washington for Jobs, Hope and Real Change

Let me renew my call in a recent column that groups and individuals concerned about the economic future of the nation should rally millions of people in Washington on Labor Day.

It is time for change. It is time for jobs. It is time to rise against Republican attacks against programs that create jobs, and rise against the apathy in Washington. It is time to state that lowering the deficit can be done without attacking the poor, the jobless and the hurting, and that lowering the deficit must not be an excuse for unfair attacks against Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

It is time for labor and unions to come to Washington and make their voices heard.

It is time for women and women's groups to come to Washington, en masse, because so many of these attacks are against elderly women, poor women and all women who are cheated out of equity in pay.

It is time for groups and leaders in the black and Hispanic communities to come to Washington and make their stand for jobs.

It is time for consumers and groups that stand with consumers to come to Washington and support those who fight for them, and for jobs, such as Elizabeth Warren.

It is time for those who want to protect the planet to come to Washington and speak with a loud and resounding voice to create the jobs that can help the environment, and create new energy, and attack those who seek vast profits by polluting the planet.

It is time for veterans who deserve jobs to come to Washington and join with others and fight for them.

It is time for liberals, populists, progressives and the enlightened blogosphere to come to Washington and make a stand with workers, with unions, with women, with consumers, with vets, with young people, with blacks and Hispanics and environmentalists and take back America from the forces of reaction, greed and selfishness.

It is time to come to Washington on Labor Day and honor those who celebrate labor, and honor those who create the jobs, and honor those who defend the consumers and protect the planet and create the jobs that good and noble work can do.

It is time for the real heirs to Samuel Adams, and John Hancock, and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, to come Washington and answer the pretenders who do things in the name of the Founding Fathers that violate the ideals of the Founding Fathers.

It is time to begin the real campaign for real change that is very long overdue. It is time to take this campaign from Labor Day 2011 until Election Day 2012.

This column was originally published at The Hill.