12/19/2011 05:40 pm ET Updated Feb 18, 2012

Painters' Table: Top 10 Best Posts, November 2011

In November, Painters' Table celebrated our first year of highlighting the best daily painting content on the web. It's been a great year to cover painting, and we are now in the midst of the best painting exhibition season in recent memory. This past month saw fascinating exhibitions of work by Braque (Acquavella) and Picabia (Michael Werner) as well as gems like Lester Johnson's Last Paintings (Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects) and Pat Passlof (Elizabeth Harris Gallery). Passlof, sadly, passed away just days before her show opened.

The excitement is not limited to New York, however; California (Los Angeles, specifically) has captured the imagination with Pacific Standard Time (PST). This multi-institutional, mega-exhibition convincingly demonstrates the historical breadth and depth of the L.A. art scene. PST exhibitions have brought attention the work of painters who have been under the radar in recent years including John Altoon and Karl Benjamin, as well as re-invigorating well known artists such as Richard Diebenkorn and Joan Brown.

Artist bloggers and art writers have had much to write about this month with so much going on, and ten great posts are featured below. You can find more everyday at, the magazine of the painting blogosphere.

Painters' Table: Top 10 Best Posts, November 2011