08/05/2010 12:29 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

More Nostalgia!

We had a lovely evening at the Chicago Public Library where Peter Sellars was in conversation (fairly one sided!) with James Cuno, President and Director of the Art Institute. They have known each other since Harvard days so Jim was able to fire off a couple of "can opening" questions prompting Peter into free flow. And wonderful it was of course. Peter is an oracle, a prophet, a high priest, a saintly man, a visionary, an enlightening educator, and a man of peace. And of course he can also be the court jester. He displayed all the above, and a good more besides, this evening.


It was so good to see him. We go back to 1984 or so when we brought him to Glyndebourne. He still considers that a formative experience. He has done remarkable work over the years in Chicago -- notably a Mikado and Tannhauser. He directs Handel's Hercules for Lyric Opera in February 2011. It is sure to be stimulating and illuminating. He is the most musical of stage directors. Let us put an end to this nonsense that he pays no respect to the composer -- complete rubbish!