02/05/2011 04:57 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Help Save the NFL, Then Proceed to Eat Nachos

There's no doubt that the Super Bowl is the most significant annual cultural event in America. This Sunday, it's expected that more than 100 million people will tune into the game, which is more than double the 43 million viewers who watched the president's State of the Union address.

Super Bowl  Sunday brings families and friends together. It's also extremely important to those serving in the military. Service men and women will tell you that it's one event of the year that they look forward to it and can remember where they were.

When the big game does finally get going, though, know that it could be the last football everyone sees for a long time. Unfortunately, far too many fans have no idea that next season may be lost to a lockout.

A recent AP poll found that 31 percent of NFL fans, and more than 50% of all people polled, said they hadn't heard nothing about the current labor dispute between NFL owners and players, whose collective bargaining agreement expires on March 4.

Fewer still know that they can make a difference in the labor dispute by getting involved. All they have to do is sign the petition at and spread the word.

Naysayers will say that a petition won't have any effect. But don't listen to them.

A petition serves several purposes. First, with enough signatures, we send a clear message to the players and owners that we expect next season to be played. Both the players and the owners are very fearful that a large organized fan movement could swing the debate in their opponent's favor, so they will take note. Second, a petition allows us to organize everybody into one place so we can effectively get the word out about our efforts. Third, it provides a place for you to give us your ideas how we can fight to save next season. Finally, if we need to take more serious action, we can do so as one united group of fans.

A significant united fan base will change the negotiations. The NFLPA admitted one million united fans would change things and I'm sure the NFL would agree.

That means that just 1% of NFL fans tuning in on Sunday need to sign the petition at to make a difference. 1 in 100.

Hell, in the time it takes to get a beer or eat a nacho or two, you can sign the petition. There are hours and hours devoted to pregame coverage. And ENDLESS commercials. What better way to spend your time than helping to save the NFL from being wrecked by greed.

By Monday morning, with enough fans, we can completely change the debate. It will no longer be about the owners and the players. It will be about the owners and the players and the fans.

Then fans are sure to win.

Brian Frederick is the Executive Director of Sports Fans Coalition. He holds a Ph.D. in Communication and lives in Washington, D.C. Email him at