The Caffeine Chronicles: A Cuppa Joltin' Joe

One sip of Joltin' Joe was all I could stomach.
06/03/2013 09:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Yankee legend Joe DiMaggio was known for his frugality. One story has it that after ordering a double-scoop ice cream cone and just before taking a lick (maybe it was after the lick) being told it was $5, DiMaggio was outraged, demanded a refund and handed the already scooped ice cream cone back to the flustered server.

So when I noticed the posters for the Arizona brand, Joltin' Joe Sparkling Espresso, his picture with a USA cap on his head, not a N.Y. Yankee cap (there is no mention of the Yankees in any of the DiMaggio memorabilia on the can), outside my local bodega, I thought I should explore this new, to me, caffeinated beverage. Since the 15.5 ounce can was listed at a mere $1.99, and the bodega where it was sold was within visual distance of Yankee Stadium, I thought it a fitting tribute to Joltin' Joe that I indulge.

After shaking it a bit to combine the ingredients and then pulling the tab to open it, I hadn't realized that the beverage was "sparkling."

I thought a bodega special: a small packaged slice of Sara Lee pound cake, might offset the harsh saccharine sweetness of the caffeine infused beverage.

I was wrong.

One sip of Joltin' Joe was all I could stomach. I did, however, finish the Sara Lee pound cake with no difficulty.