03/29/2014 04:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017



Friday March 28th 2014

Was feeling very ragged this morning. Gastro-Gov has really landed me in it. The so-called investigation is such a whitewash and he's thrown me under the ice cream truck. And that dreadful @maddow woman is dumping on me again. Though not a single person watches MSNBC. How dare he snitch on my little fling with Bill?! We were both consenting Republicans at the time... I'm being slut-shamed like some little Sandra Fluke! After all I did for him! He thought I was mad then? Wait till he sees me now! Phoned lawyer and got him to up the ante on my proffer. Just need that immunity thing done and bada bing bada boom...

Today's resolutions:

1) Must consciously uncouple from my past loyalty to Gastro-Gov.

2) Instructive to look back at previous diary entries and learn from my mistakes.

Today's flashback: March 28 2013

Arrived at office early. Brought Dreamboat-Gov 12 bagels, all flavors. He asked me if there was a budget crisis in the office. Didn't understand what he meant. e-mailed NJ State Museum to ask how long after leaving office before a bridge or street can be named after a successful politician. Was told that George Washington Bridge wasn't dedicated till 134 years after Washington's last presidential term. Typical liberal historian BS! I happen to know that JFK had airport named after him only 5 weeks after he left office.

The above content is satirical