04/30/2012 05:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mad Men Season 5, Episode 7 Style Recap: Sally Draper's 'Space Modern' Dress

This episode provided much to talk about: Where does one compromise on their dreams, does Mom really know best and most of all, can Sally wear make-up?

This episode was all about the changing role of women in the '60s. As women became more empowered over the seasons, with it comes a change in wardrobe. We've discussed in depth Peggy's workwear misfires (from frumpy men's shirts in an attempt to look more authoritative to the overly girlish dress worn for her Heinz presentation) along with Megan's emergence as a style icon -- but we've left out one amazing stylistically evolving character.

Miss Sally Draper.

Sally is in that awkward in-between moment of being a little girl and being a teenager. Today, this would be called a 'tween,' but thankfully that word hadn't entered our lexicon yet. But back in 1966, it would've been a challenge to find clothing that would fit (and be appropriate for) a pre-teen. The kids department is too small and juvenile, while the Junior's/Misses department is too mature.

At home, we see her in casual ensembles of tees and denim cut-offs, which nicely solves the problem. But for Don's big awards dinner, what do you do?

Apparently, you go for the Courreges "space look" complete with a silver lamé mini dress, metallic makeup and white patent leather go-go boots. Don predictably did not approve of this "mini-Megan" ensemble.

And here's the key theme of the episode: The expectations of women by their parents. With this futuristic ensemble, she's ready to go up in the world, right down to her (short) heeled boots. (And did this look inspire Megan's Heinz campaign idea, about the mother feeding beans to her space-kid?) Don, however, would rather stay much more down to earth.

So, off with the make-up. And later, on with the traumatizing glimpse of her step-grandmother in the act with Roger. Both ways of saying: "You're not ready for the grown-up table, yet."

Meanwhile, Peggy dressed up for a quasi-disappointment, Megan looked regal at night and Joan makes a memorable appearance. To see these highlights (and more!), click through our slideshow.

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