01/24/2013 05:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What's Your Day Job? (PHOTOS)

When I think day job, I think Office Space -- a person working at a big corporation and dealing day-in and day-out with cubicles and mind-numbing paperwork.

But, for many, that's simply not true. Your day job is your dream job.

Earlier this week after we asked the HuffPost Arts community to send us pictures of how they spent their day, we received photos of art studios, film sets and yoga classes, beautiful views from picturesque windows, and, of course, puppies.

@Heatherdayart: "@HuffPostArts - My Office! #hpdayjob #art #studio


@lauraehphillips: @HuffPostArts #hpdayjob proof reading @mrwolfmagazine on a bus in Hong Kong. Tough times!


@calvin_samuel: @HuffPostArts #hpdayjob


What's your day job like? Take a look at some of the photos we received and then submit your own below.

What's your day job?

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