01/04/2013 08:40 am ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

BGG Weekender: Give Your Resolutions The Weekend Off (PHOTOS)

Even though this time of year is generally reserved for setting goals, reassessing, and tamping down bad habits, the slew of near disasters over the past few weeks (fiscal cliff, Mayan calendar apocalypse, encounters with fruitcake, et al.) makes us feels like it's time to celebrate. Sure, we did just overindulge a mere three days ago for New Year's Eve, but we'll totally give moderation the attention it deserves on Monday. WE PROMISE!

Before reality hits hard and we actually have to work a full week again, we're planning on spending the first weekend of lucky 2013 all over town: checking out shows, trying new restaurants, and feeding our newly-rested minds with art and movies.

Keep reading to join a boozy bike ride, rock out at The Natural History Museum and/or vent about your sh*tty job in public...


Get back in the swing of things Friday evening by attending the first-of-the-season show at the Natural History Museum. Doors are early (5:30 pm) to see Wildcat! Wildcat! open for local band about to make it big, Lord Huron. Elsewhere downtown, those who enjoy a different variety of monkeying around (we had to, sorry) can catch An Evening with Jane Goodall (!!), who will be telling her fascinating stories in person at the Warner Grand Theater.

Later, grab dinner at new comfort food eatery, Maccheroni Republic (where pastas start around $8, broke peoples) before paying your respects at The Smell's weekend-long Quinceanera celebration. The all-ages downtown hole-in-the-wall that launched the likes of No Age and Abe Vigoda will be jam-packed with admirers. Extra-bonus: no booze is available at the venue (though there's plenty of candy!), which is convenient if you happen to be in the middle of a post-NYE dryout.


If the previously mentioned teetotaling is decidedly not your thing, wake up wicked early to go for a beery bike ride with Golden Road in Glendale. They're starting at 9 a.m. for a 30-40 minute ride before returning to the pub for grub and breakfast brews. Because that's totally a thing.

If you like your movies recently-released, quirky, and free, you're in luck. After your bike ride and breakfast, stay in the valley for a screening of Moonrise Kingdom at the Burbank Public Library. After that, we're sure you'll have had just about enough of our fair valley cities, so it'll be time to make your way back.

First, work those visual literacy muscles at The Hammer's Graphic Design exhibit just before its last day (tomorrow). Later, grab dinner in Hollywood at The Mercantile, which just added a new dinner menu thanks to Top Chef's CJ Jacobson, then go to IO West for a not-totally-factual, but still entertaining performance of The Untold Story of Indie Rock. The show starts at 11:30 p.m. (are we grandmas with no attention span or does that feel late?), which means once you get out, it's time to pack it in and head home for the night.


It's been (sorta kinda) cold for L.A. these past few weeks, so take advantage of the fact that everyone else is probably at home overreacting and opt for a Malibu day out. As always, you can start your morning at Gladstone's for Serenity Sundays, their weekly yoga on the beach + breakfast promotion.

Later, head farther up PCH to grab sandwiches and other provisions (mmm, brownies) at Malibu Kitchen and Gourmet Country Market. Bring those with you for a hike through Malibu Creek and stop for lunch (and brownies) wherever you think it's the prettiest (or just before you keel over -- this hike is long, people). Post-hike, reward yourself with all-natural, authentic Italian gelato at GROM before leaving the 'bu for the day.

Back in the land of reality (read: where rich people don't live), shower off, then grab dinner at La Poubelle before laugh-crying about the week ahead at UCB's improv performance of Shitty Jobs. There's audience participation involved, so feel free to vent (or maybe creatively exaggerate the truth of your situation--this is the one time that's allowed). After the cathartic experience has ended, it'll be time to get back home to prepare for the first full week of work in, what, a month?! Pamper yourself (how else can one prepare for five days of suffering?) with these at-home beauty hacks, a DIY gel mani, or perhaps even some luxurious homemade facial oil. Now doesn't that make the workweek ahead feel a little less daunting?

The 1st Weekend Of The Year