03/08/2013 05:40 pm ET Updated May 08, 2013

BGG Weekender: Mike Tyson, Swedish House Mafia and the Bootie of Your Dreams

Summer may have been in the air last week, but we here at Broke Girls Guide are not complaining about this week's downgrade to slightly breezier, more March-appropriate temps. And guess what? We get to spring our clocks forward this weekend, which means less sleep, sure, but also more sun. Nothing makes us happier than leaving work when it's still light outside, so we're very much looking forward to the change in both clocks and seasons.

With this welcome turning of the tides, however, comes the inevitable parade of spring baby showers, weddings, and the like, so we encourage you to enjoy a weekend of (we hope!) freedom from such obligations to the fullest extent possible. We've packed it with great concerts and shows (Swedish House Mafia, Boy, Mike Tyson), restaurants (Fickle, The Sandwich Smith), and, as always, deals.


If you've managed to escape having to have a "real" job thus far, and you've also avoided spending your entire 2013 concert budget on Coachella tickets, we suggest you nab a ticket to Masquerade Motel with Swedish House Mafia. It starts at 2 p.m., will be held at the LA Historic State Park, and is bound to be a

Those of us who are not so fortunate as to be able to rage midday on a workday should still try to cut out early to start the perfect girls' night out at The Abbey. Fill up on happy hour drinks and small plates before 7 p.m. (or $3 mini-tacos any time) while admiring men who actually take care of their appearance for a change. After, hike it in your heels over to The Troubador for a $15 show by upbeat German band Boy (which is actually composed of two adorable girls). After, we suggest splurging on a glass of wine a few doors down at Dan Tana's, where the bar scene is always interesting (and we always seem to meet boys!). Or, if for some reason you'd rather give yourself nightmares before bed (or you and newfound boy-at-the-bar are looking for something to do), you could always head over to The Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax to check out a midnight screening of The ABCs of Death.


Start your day with some quinoa oatmeal at Local in Silver Lake (or grab breakfast at BGG fave Square One) before heading over to the Silver Lake Art, Craft & Vintage Flea Market, which is exactly what it sounds like. Once you've filled your brought-from-home-bags to the brim, make your way over to LIttle Tokyo to nosh at newbie restaurant The Sandwich Smith, where you'll indulge in all kinds of craziness that includes things like Dr Pepper pulled pork and buns made from donuts... no joke. Then, work off those excessive calories by partaking in a little murder mystery scavenger hunt at the Natural History Museum.

Later, you could return to The Sandwich Smith, which will have transformed into Fickle, its nighttime persona, for an early dinner. Or, head to Hollywood to take advantage of Public Kitchen and Bar's new prix-fixe pre-theater dinner, which is $45 and includes dishes like kale salad, farro risotto, and chocolate soufflé. Why attend a pre-theater dinner, you ask? Well, because we are sending you to a show... a one-man show... a one-man show starring Mike Tyson. If for some reason that doesn't sound like an awesome and hilarious time to you, catch the Blazing Saddles screening at the Electric Dusk Drive-In, or check out Rubberdance, which is intriguingly described as "hip-hop storytelling through dance."

However you spend your evening, we recommend tucking yourself into bed at a decent hour since you'll be losing an hour of sleep tonight! Or, don't, and go grab a drink at nearby Sassafras instead... Just don't forget to reset your clocks before you hit the pillow.


Before you do anything, snag this deal or this deal at Pop Physique and then maybe, just maybe go to one of their morning classes. Now isn't that a lovely and invigorating way to start your day? Keep beautifying yourself with a free makeover at Bloomingdale's in Santa Monica Place, where the Chanel saleswomen are going to work their magic on you--but just so no one thinks you're TOO perfect, end your morning with a hearty lunch at Libra Brazilian Steakhouse in Culver City.

Now it's time for what will undoubtedly be the highlight of our weekend: Woofstock, a festival designed just for dogs. If frankly, you've always been more of a cat person, pass up Woofstock to take advantage of the LF sale or this major discount at What Goes Around Comes Around. Finally, cap your night off with the legendary bingo night at Hamburger Mary's or the H.O.M.E. murder mystery dinner. But don't stay out too late -- you'll still be getting used to the time change, so your Monday morning alarm will feel even more brutal than usual.

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